Stone Street Living Room

On Instagram last week, you saw a sneak peek of our most recent install (#iiprojectgrowinguponstonestreet) and a glimpse of the more sophisticated yet family-friendly foyer.

Just off the entry, we continued that same vibe.  The homeowners were just “ready for a change” after having the same paint color and furniture from when they had first moved in years ago.  It’s amazing how a handful of birthdays and becoming parents can change your whole sense of style.





Here’s what we did…

A new paint color was imperative, and it had to be just the right one because we wanted to carry it throughout the whole main floor.  All too often, I hear homeowners wanting to do an accent wall or various paint colors in rooms that either have massive ceilings or dramatic changes in architecture.  The truth of the matter is that when you have so many different surfaces collecting natural lighting from various windows you will be surprised how many shades one color can take on.  Just be sure to sample colors in ALL the rooms before commiting.

They needed a new family-friendly sofa.  I had been dying to use one of the sofas from Interior Define, and I was so happy to see it installed.  It did NOT disappoint with its incredible lines, and it was equally comfortable. We went with a dark navy (i just can’t quit this color) for its dramatic weight it gives the space as well as its ninja skills against cheesy Dorito fingers and other snacky stains.  

The new ottoman offers a comfortable place for your feet, storage for toys, and a concert venue for Greatest Showman performances (we can’t be the only family that does this), in addition to the new striped chair that we absolutely love.

More focus was brought to the fireplace with the addition of some simple moldings painted white, and I just love that it's one of the first places your eyes go when you walk in the front door… perhaps only second to the massive chandelier. Isn't he handsome? We hung him nice and low not only to help with lighting in the evenings but also to bring the towering ceilings down a little.  

large round chandelier navy and white living room

We continued with hints of blue in the oversized artwork (Homegoods ftw!), textured pillows (did I already say thank you Homegoods?), and the new rug that will help hide any spills that will inevitably happen.

A big (real looking… wink wink) tree in the corner gives the height we need to that area as well as the floor lamp at the end of the couch.  The round wood side table is one I have used so many times (including my own home) because you just can’t beat it for the price.

Come back later this week for the amazingly simple dining room transformation!  Huge impact… low dollars… my favorite combination.

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Paint: SW Worldly Grey

Chandelier: Overstock

Sofa: Interior Define

Ottoman: Pottery Barn

Rug: Lulu and Georgia

Side Table: Target