Westwood Wonder Lounge

Remember the wingback chairs that were in the before picture last week in our Westwood Wonder Living Room? Well look at them now!

wingback chairs with brass pendant light and white coffee table

Welcome to the Lounge!  I know what you’re thinking… “Kristen, don’t you always paint old paneling?”

You wouldn't be wrong. Yes, that would typically be my suggestion in a dark paneled room that is centered in a home with little to no natural lighting.  Painting would make it instantly brighter and lighter, but there was something about this cozy little space that we loved just as it was! It was this dark little unexpected pause, and, by keeping it, we created an adult (yet kid-friendly since they just follow us everywhere we go, amiright?) lounge where the sophisticated homeowners could catch up over drinks.

When we arrived it wasn't feeling quite as Mad Men as we would have liked so here is what we did to bring it out of the dark and dreary.

wood paneling in lounge
wood paneling in lounge

The room scored points for having two wall sconces already, but we knew we could bring in more light and style with new ones.  We decided adding two more to the other side of the room not only helped balance the lighting but also eliminated the need for table lamps, which wouldn't have worked with the new layout of the room.  The new chandelier is my favorite part though, and it really elevates the room— making it youthful and fun.

The existing fireplace was the show stopper, so all we needed to do was add a beautiful modern mirror to accentuate it further as well as help bounce light around the room.

midcentury modern lounge with brass pendant light and fireplace

As I mentioned, the two tall wingback chairs are looking so handsome in their brand new navy herringbone fabric.  We positioned them on the far end of the room to add height and paired them with these two beautiful cognac leather chairs.  The traditional lines of the wingbacks juxtaposed with the crisp mid-century lines of leather chairs is a storyline that we have tried to repeat throughout our other rooms.  The gorgeous animal print rug added another layer of fun pattern, grounded our furniture layout, and brightened the space immensely.

cognac leather chairs with marble coffee table
greenery in blue and white pottery

You know I love some good built-in shelves, so I couldn't wait to get my hands on these beauties.  The homeowners had so many wonderfully sentimental pieces already, but we filled in where we could with new pieces that were either white or reflective— and of course some greenery to add some life!

built-in shelves

Doesn't it just make you want to drink something on the rocks and play Backgammon?? I don't actually know how to play it, but in this room, I would learn.

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Cognac Leather Chairs: World Market

Coffee Table: Overstock

Pendant Light: Overstock

Wall Lights: Overstock