California Cool Kitchen

As we head into the long weekend and all the feelings of love and thankfulness, I felt like it was only appropriate to share this beautiful kitchen space.

black and brass lights in white kitchen

The incredible lady that lives here with her husband and two sweet kiddos is someone I am so grateful to know and call my friend. This is the second home I have had the privilege of working on with her, and she never misses a chance to show her gratitude and appreciation. She’s the kind of person that shares what she loves and you instantly want it, too! I’m so grateful for the support she has shown my business as it has grown over the years, both as a client and a mentor (this girl knows business!).

modern white kitchen with white subway tile

When they moved into this house, the design direction was so clear from “go”. With a kitchen that needed some updates stat, we started there. Removing a pantry to add room for a big, beautiful island completely opened up the room. The combination of white subway tile from countertop to ceiling, cool black wall sconces over black painted windows, gorgeous quartz countertops, and I mixture of high contrast finishes balanced with wood tones sets off the California modern feel.

floating shelves on white subway tile and letter board

Custom-made shelves fit the space so perfectly, and are the perfect place to incorporate the homeowners’ hysterical personalities.

I’ll show you their eat-in dining area next week once the turkey clears!

Until then, here’s what the kitchen space looked like before.

outdated white kitchen
outdated white kitchen